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  • Stretch & Pallet Wrap

    Stretch & Pallet Wrap

    Stretch Wrap
    18 x 80 x 1500 (4 rolls): $25.00
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  • Economy Film / Foils

    Economy Film / Foils

    El Dorado Brand
    All Purpose Food Grade
    Multiple Sizes and Gauges
    Heavy Duty and Standard
  • Foodservice Films

    Foodservice Films

    Premium Quality Food Film
    Multiple Sizes and Gauges
    All-Purpose Food Grade
    Perforated Cling Tear Sheets
  • Catering Containers

    Catering Containers

    Aluminum Serving Trays
    Catering Rounds & Lids
    Three Compartment Aluminum Trays.
  • Restaurant Foils

    Restaurant Foils

    Premium Quality Foil
    Heavy Duty and Standard
    Hair Salon and Mechanic Use
    Multiple Sizes and Gauges
  • Meat / Produce Films

    Meat / Produce Films

    Air Flow and Vented Pallet Wrap
    Low Stability and Stretch up to 250%
    Meat, Perishable and Farm Use
    Better Cooling and Reduces Spoilage
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